Rotorvane is a mincing equipment (rolling machine) which is used as a pre conditioner for wilted leaves that are to be fed into the main CTC machine for processing.

It consists of cylindrical drums with a feed hopper at one end and a penetrated plate at the other end. Resistors are fixed at appropriate positions. betway The rotating shaft inside the cylinder has vanes at equal distances. Gear arrangement in the shape of work initiates the forward motion of the leaves into the drum. In between the vanes and resistors the leaves are crushed and are passed finally through a diaphragm. كيفية لعب لعبة بينجو

We manufacture and supply Rotorvanes to cater tea industry nationally and internationally. Rotorvane from Lakshmi Industries has been built to meet the modern day requirements of the tea industry for rolling leaves. بلاك جاك اون لاين


  • Industry Proven and Durable
  • Compact and Self cleaning machine
  • Stainless steel components
  • Long life
  • Low Maintenance

Salient features

  • Rotor Shaft : High precision machined standard shaft
  • Iris Discharge : Standard model with iris plate
  • Cylinder : Ensure long life and endure pressure
  • Drive : Heavy Duty Worm reducer
  • Motor: Positioned within the pedestal frame to save floor space.