Tender Coconut Water Processing Machinery

Coconut water is the best you can get in nature

The green coconut water is a good drink which is usually consumed fresh directly from the tender coconut. The water is rich in oxidative enzymes in its composition and is sterile as well.

Tender Coconut Water Processing Machinery

The coconut machine cuts the tender coconuts into two halves and gathers the coconut water in a container through a funnel.

Lakshmi Industries specializes in designing, manufacturing and Supply of various kinds of tender coconut water processing machinery. This extraction machine is good to retain the fresh unripe water for beverage production. It is built using high quality components that provides a reliable sustainable production of coconut water. Thus maintaining a good production ensures sterilization and bottling in an efficient way.


• Solid Construction
• Moveable equity
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Accurate Design and Good finish